Today time vs Old time

In very old times....
Nobody had clock however everyone had time!
But now ...
Everyone has the clock but nobody has time!!
Strange! but true !

Where is studing coming from

Is it true that the word STUDYING was derived from STUdents DYING? face-smile.png face-smile.png

Tourist vs Boat-guy

A silly tourist asked a boat guy ....
Tourist: Do you know how all our life came from the sea !
BoatGuy: No!
Tourist: Do you know Biology!
BoatGuy: Not much!
Tourist: OK, do you know anything about Psychology, Geography, how about Geology?
BoatGuy: NO to all questions.
Tourist: Really!! What the hell you know then, do you want to die of illiteracy!!!
After sometime, the boat started sinking, so the boatman asked the tourist :
BoatGuy: Do you know Swimology & Escapology?
Tourist: No!! why ...
BoatGuy: Really!! Well you will Drownology and Crocodilogy will eat your Bodiology and you will Dieology because of your Badmouthology face-smile.png face-smile.png

Never ever another YOU

There......... is
another... pray
another ....way
another... hope
another ....year
another.... tear
another.... fear
another..... mile

A person that calls you with something unique

Everyone calls you with your name, but ...
Only one person calls you by something different! that can make it sound special...
Like if there is someone who calls you with something different

what comes around goes around

They say
"what comes around goes around"
Then I wonder why haven't I been loved yet!!

I and U are OneI and U are Onevvv

Boy: I just want to say 2 words ...
Girl: ok...?
Boy: I Love You!
Girl: but this is 3 words, she answered while smiling face-smile.png
Boy: No!!! I and U count only one ♥ face-smile.png

You are in my Heart

If you wake up in a red room, no doors, no windows...
Don’t panic... That is because...
You are in my Heart face-smile.png

I Love u 4everI Love u 4ever

I Love u 2day,
I Love u 2morrow,
but if you put it 2gether,
I Love u 4ever !! face-smile.png

I just said I love you

boy: just a quick question: how can I tell a girl I love you
girl: well, just say it !!
boy: ok, if you don’t mind, let’s practice it with you first ...
girl: okayy
boy: I love you
girl: I love you too, now go and tell her
boy: I just did face-smile.png ))

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